About Us​ 

 Jasmynn was diagnosed with autism at age 3.  By age 4 she had her 1st device, an iPod touch, that was loaded with the communication app Proloquo2Go.  That was the beginning of our family discovering there was a lot more locked inside of our nonverbal daughter than anyone had imagined.  

Jasmynn flourished with the device, quickly mastering hundreds of apps and moving on to the iPad when it came onto the market. The iPad opened avenues for Jazz which we wanted to invite others, who struggled with language like her, to join along on our journey.  Hence, Jasmynn’s Voice came to exist.  

To date we have given over 230 individuals the same opportunity to “find their voice” via the iPad.  Through Jasmynn we are finding there is hope that our friends with autism are discovering how tounlock those silent words when given the tools and guidance to do so.

 The diagnosis of Autism is on the rise, with recent estimates in children of 1 in 59. Jasmynn is non-verbal. The iPad has opened doors and given her a voice. We want to do the same for others in Southern Michigan.